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Speed, price,

Accurate price discovery with exchange quality execution

Instantaneous trading on live, streaming limit-orders

A level playing field for all market participants

Strict price/time priority order matching ensures neutral, orderly trade execution

FX is a leveraged product that can result in losses exceeding your deposit. It is not suitable for everyone so please ensure you fully understand the risks involved. View full risk warning

LMAX Hong Kong - SFC regulated broker

Delivering neutral, consistent, transparent and reliable exchange quality FX execution

LMAX Hong Kong is an SFC regulated Broker for FX and part of LMAX Limited, which operates a multilateral trading facility and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

LMAX Hong Kong offers institutional and professional clients the ability to trade FX on firm limit-order liquidity. All clients benefit from a fair, level playing field regardless of status, size or activity levels - complete pre and post-trade transparency, no ‘last look’ rejections and exchange quality execution.

Unparalleled execution quality more

- strict price/time priority order matching with no ‘last look’ rejectionsclose

Streaming firm limit order liquidity from top tier financial institutions more

- ensures transparent price discovery and precise execution close

Complete trading anonymity – conflict free and neutral more

- simply matching buyers with sellers within an anonymous trading venue close

Low latency execution more

- orders matched with an average speed of 4ms close

Flexible clearing arrangements more

- margin account, prime broker give up close

Tailored institutional liquidity for both investment and hedging activity